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There are many advantages of making use of a retail people counting system. We review the four main benefits of implementing a traffic counting system in your business.


Review the different types of retail traffic counter technology. We will review the benefits and downfalls of each, and why it is of the utmost importance to be collecting accurate data.


Staff and labor is a big overhead cost in a business owner’s operating expenses. Learn how retail traffic counters will reduce overhead and increase customer service levels.


Learn how retail traffic counters give you insight through client traffic to help efficiently use resources such as time, people and money, leading to higher sales revenues.


High customer traffic means your store is attracting a lot of people, but a low or unstable conversion rate means changes need to be made to optimize sales opportunities.


Retail traffic counters can help a business with improving their stores’ customer service. We will go through the 3 main ways to improve overall in-store customer service.

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Why Use A Traffic Counter

Paying attention to the number of people that are passing through your retail store doors should be taken seriously since customer traffic has a large impact on the success of your business in both the present as well as the future. Knowing the number of people shopping at your business is a crucial factor in assessing how your business is performing, helping you map out revenue forecasts and pinpointing which marketing advertising is providing the most ROI for your company.

A retail traffic counting system helps you make practical and effective business decisions by providing you timely and analytical data. Having a people counting system will equip you with an accurate and repeatable customer traffic measurement that will allow you to calculate your location’s conversion ratio, track and analyze visiting trends, gauge your customer traffic patterns, compare shop performance, improve customer service and optimize staffing levels.

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Efficient Staffing


Staff and labor is one of the biggest overhead costs in a business owner’s operating expenses. In the past few years, businesses have worked to establish processes to become more efficient which have resulted in remarkable bottom-line results.

Due to the growing number of retail competitors and increasing demand for better customer service, business owners and retailers have had to find new avenues and develop new strategies to increase efficiency while improving customer service level. Since revenue and efficiency rides on labor scheduling and budget, business owners should focus on those said areas.

To make an intelligent decision business owners and retailers must not just rely on their gut feeling; rather they must have reliable data to keep their business afloat and prospering in the competitive retail sector. A retail traffic counting system is helpful in this aspect. It can help business owners maximize and efficiently allocate their workforce by providing data on the number of people that cross the store’s threshold for a specific date and time.

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Conversion Ratios


It is understandable for business owners to become frustrated with their retail traffic counting system or for people who have not yet installed a traffic counting system to be skeptical. This can be for two reasons; Because they are not able to access the information of their conversion rates or they are incapable of analyzing the change in the data they have collected.

If you are either of the two, it is important that we remember that data for conversion rate and customer traffic gained are correlated and both helpful, but they are not the same. Furthermore, while people counting systems can equip you with much needed intelligence regarding your business it will not provide the exact detail of your store’s conversion rate unless the retail traffic counting system you are using does this for you.

But What is the Difference in Customer Traffic & Sales Conversion Rates?

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Improve Customer Service

Retail brick and mortar businesses have been hard hit with the rise of the Internet. Online shopping has become a mainstay for people looking to purchase from the comfort of their own homes. According to a report, poor customer service has resulted in an estimated $83 million decline in sales for retail businesses. Furthermore, an estimated 62% of consumers changed their preferred brand over the previous 2 years due to poor customer service.

With the high number of stores closing due to lack of profits and an increasing number of mall outlets becoming vacant, how can brick and mortar stores stay afloat? The answer is simple: improve the in-store customer service – an asset that is not available for online stores . Doing this will give your store a competitive advantage.

Business owners and store managers should work on improving their stores’ customer service by knowing the answer to certain questions like: What differentiates their store from their competitors? When are the peak and low hours for your locations?

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Track Advertising Budget

For any retail business, counting people is important as it is a means to monitor trends of clients, properly schedule staff, analyze sales performance and help assess the effectiveness of promotions & marketing activities. It helps business owners to efficiently use resources such as time, people and money, leading to higher sales revenues & lower overhead. The final result is maximizing profits.

With the help of a traffic counting system store managers and owners will be able to comprehensively assess the shopping habits of their store’s customer base and effectively budget advertising and get the most out of each marketing campaign. As we all know, advertising can be quite expensive so spending too much on it across multiple channels may not give you the returns you are expecting, while spending too little may hurt your chances of reaching as many consumers as we possibly can and increasing your brand exposure.

To ensure that the retail business has a feasible budget and that it is making good use of the funds they have allocated for advertising, they can use their retail traffic counting system to analyze the outcome of their advertising spending through the following methods:

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What TraxSales Does For Your Retail Business

There is a reason why more and more retail businesses are implementing retail traffic counters to optimize their retail businesses. The TraxSales eBook will help you understand the importance of having accurate data when implementing business tactics. A few of the reasons are below.



With Retail Traffic Counters to Know When & How Many Clients Are Coming Into Your Retail Business



Retail Traffic Counters Will Let You Know Which Advertising Campaigns & Marketing Give The Best ROI



Having Data On Store Traffic Will Allow You To Optimally Staff Producing the Best Customer Service for Clients



Efficient Staffing, Better Advertising ROI & Professional Customer Service Equals Greater Sales & Profits.